klangwald 2.0 | sound forest 2.0

sound forest | Zeughaus Teufen

a sound forest laboratory


Grubenmannmuseum Zeughaus Teufen, CH

overview- short

The sound forest is a sound installation and an acousmatic instrument, built with 384 sound trees, mounted on the ceiling. The sound forest is a 16m x 24m x 2,2m sound and resonance space, playable with MAXforLIVE plugins which control the 34 Output-Channels (32 x 12 sound trees and 2 x subwoofer). The audience can walk through the forest and take its own subjective polyphonic experience, or hear in distance outside the sound forest for a more objective sound experience.

The sound installation mode plays a prepared 34 Channel composition, based on virtual nature sounds like sinus wave birds, filtered noise wind, click raindrops, all synthesized in MAXforLIVE plugins, controlled in stochastic composition modes, combined with natural water and bird samples and multichannel compositions for 6-string-cello and electronics.

In the instrument mode, the sound forest can be played live in interaction with live musicians, distributed, recorded and manipulated in MAXforLIVE. For the spatialisation of the sounds I programmed stochastic algorithms.

I had the great opportunity to install a sound forest lab in the Grubenmann museum in Teufen, CH from 3rd of november 2018 to 3rd of march 2019 and invite very different musicians to perform concerts with and in the sound forest.

technical overview

Every sound tree is a 240mm x 100mm x 7mm pine tree plywood and has one 10W passive speaker. The speakers are mounted in 7 different hights. The two loudspeaker cables are in the same time the suspension cable for the sound trees. The sound trees are distributed in a regular pattern of 50cm space between every sound tree. This 16m x 24m x 2,2m sound cube is driven with 32 amplified channels, controlled in MAXforLIVE with stochastic algorithms. A central patch bay connects the 32 amplified channels to the 384 sound trees (1 channel for 12 sound trees).