klangwald 2.0 | sound forest 2.0 technical description

sound forest 2.0 | sound trees detail

setup Hardware

384 sound trees: pine laminated wood, 220mm x 100mm x 7mm | Visaton FR7 full range loudspeakers 10W mounted in 7 different hights | 2 x 0,75mm flex cable to connect the loudspeakers and to fix the sound tree at the ceiling.

supension system: 200m roof batten | 384 iron hooks

cabling: 8km 0,75mm2 flex cable, white to connect the sound trees to the central patch bay

sound forest 2.0 | central patchbay: printed circuit board

central patch bay: 32 amplified signals are distributed to 348 sound trees | developed and produced in collaboration with Michi Egger [anyma] | 32 printed circuit boards | laser cutted wood | 416 stereo plugs

amplifiers: 8 x 4-channel amplifiers T-Amp E4-130

subwoofer: 2 channel subwoofer

d/a-converters:  Motu 24 Ao AVB | 2 x Behringer ADA 8200

computer installation: Mac Powerbook 2011 as a 34 channel soundfile player, Ableton Live.

computer composition & performance: Mac Powerbook 2018 | Ableton Push Controller | 2 x Midifighter Twister Midi-Controller | Motu 8m AVB | Motu AVB switch | 30m cat7 network cable | 2 x AKG C391 | dpa lavalier microphone

setup Software: Ableton live | self programmed MaxforLive plugins for distribution, spatialization and manipulating the sounds, based on stochastic algorithms to control the sound in a meta level | self programmed MAXforLIVE plugins to synthesize virtual natural sounds: noise-wind, sinus-birds, click-raindrops.


synthesized „natural“ sounds: sinus wave birds | noise wind | click raindrops | all controlled with stochastic algorhtihms, which allow to define borders in which the software can decide randomly. (speed & range)

field recordings: birds | water | human walks through the forest | ice-sounds | fire sounds | vulcano eruption Stromboli | church bells

recorded sounds: piano | 6-string-cello | violin |

compositions: multitrack compositions for cello, 6-string cello, 6-string-e-cello & electronics | „Kunst der Fuge“ contrapunctus 1 for 6-string-cello | 32 channel multitrack compositions for the sound forest

improvisations: all invited musicians!