klangwald 2.0 | sound forest 2.0 important dates

Sound forest 2.0 | control the spatialization

may 2017 klangwald 1.0 | sound forest 1.0 Kulturlandsgemeinde 17, Sportzentrum Herisau

june 2018 grant from the canton of St. Gallen to develop the sound forest 2.0- a sound forest laboratory.

october 2018 episodes culturels: theater and dance performance in the sound forest

november 2018 to march 2019 exhibition and concert series in the sound forest in Zeughaus Teufen. Invited musicians: Christian Zehnder, Goran Kovacevic, Anhalt Simonian, Tobias Preisig, Markus Bischof, Mørk.

february 2019 documentation movie of the sound forest by prismago

june 2021 Bergfahrt Festival Bergün Installation of the sound forest and 6 interactive concerts with participating musicians of the festival.

sound forest 2.0 | documentary film by prismago