klangwald 2.0 | sound forest 2.0 background

concert in the sound forest | 6-string cello | sound forest


My musical background is very open-. I studied cello at the Musikakademie Basel and the Musikhochschule Bern (with Ivan Monighetti & Conradin Brotbek, concert diploma with distinction). At the same time I studied Audio-Design at the electronic studio in Basel(Wolfgang Heiniger, diploma in performance). I allways worked in interdisciplinary projects between composition, improvisation and music for theater, movie and dance.

I tried different ways of sound installations and developed loudspeakers as instruments. I developed the sound forest for a composition mandate of „Kulturlandsgemeinde 17“ in Herisau, CH. First thought as a sound installation I realized that I have constructed an interesting instrument with 384 loudspeakers which allow to walk through the cloud of sound and to experience polyphony and sound in a new way I never experienced before.

To control the spatialization of the sounds in the forest I programmed stochastic algorithms, which allow me to control it on a meta level. You can decide in which limits and speed parameters changes take place. To choose the right parameters is similar to tune an instrument– if it’s well done the loudspeakers begin to talk which each other like the overtones talk together in a very well tuned piano. It depends on the musical material how you can move and distribute it in the forest.

Because 12 loudspeakers send the same signal and every signal has rich early reflections on the wood of the other sound trees, the sound of the sound forest is rich and warm. A subwoofer helps to model a powerful sound.

During the exhibition „Klangwald“ in the Zeughaus Teufen I had the possibility to deeply research this instrument. On one hand I invited musicians with different approaches to the forest. On the other hand I learned how to guide the public during the concerts.